About the Prairie Horticulture Certificate

The Prairie Horticulture Certificate (PHC) is an online horticulture program designed specifically for the prairies.

It was developed for professionals and is collaboratively offered through a consortium of three Western Canadian educational institutions: Assiniboine Community College (Manitoba), Olds College of Agriculture & Technology (Alberta) and the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan).

PHC provides all the essential tools to work in the horticulture industry so you can start your own business or advance your career. It is designed as a part-time program with a flexible schedule to accommodate your school and work-life balance.

Courses are offered in three terms per year - fall, winter, spring. Classes are not offered during summer as this is typically the busy season for horticultural professionals and enthusiasts.

Quick facts
Length Approximately 2 years, part-time with continuous registration. Deadline to complete a certificate is 5 years.
Options You can take classes for personal interest as a non-certificate option
Delivery  Online 
Requirements 9-10 courses/360 hours for completion
Course fees $520 to $720 per course (CDN)
Textbooks and materials Approximately $500 (total for 9 courses)
Application fee $75 to $95 depending on your chosen home institution
Pre-requisites High school diploma or equivalent. Computer skills*

* All coursework, assignments, and exams are completed online. Students are required to have a personal computer equipped with internet access. Courses cannot be completed on a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet. Basic common computer literacy skills are also a must. These skills should include word processing, email and file sharing/collaboration tools, internet and database navigation.

Streams of study

To obtain your certificate, complete the required number of core courses, together with the courses specified for a particular stream and maintain an overall weighted average of 60%. You must complete a minimum of nine courses equal to 360 hours (36 credit weights) to meet the graduation requirements. You may also take individual classes for personal interest or professional upgrading.

Choose your stream of study:


Garden Writers’ Association (GWA)

The Garden Writers’ Association offers scholarships intended as a tuition aid or as an aid in the purchase of textbooks, garden books, and special horticultural projects. Scholarships can range from $500 to $1,000.

Other scholarships

Visit your chosen home institution’s webpage to see other available scholarships.

How to apply

Each home institution has a different set of requirements and application processes.

Step 1: Choose your home institution

Step 2: Review the guidelines of your home institution

Step 3: Ensure you meet the admission requirements 
Grade 12 or equivalent; probationary admission options are also available.

Step 4: Complete the Application Form
Complete the application form as required by your chosen home institution and submit all supporting documentation.

Step 5: Arrange transcripts
Arrange to have your high school or post-secondary transcripts sent directly to your chosen home institution.

Step 6: Permanent Residency Status
If applicable, ensure you have the correct documentation (i.e. record of landing certificate) to accompany your application.

Step 7: Application fee
Your home institution may require the payment of an application fee.

After you’ve applied

Once you have been admitted to the PHC program at your chosen home institution, you will receive notification and will then be able to register for classes. It is important to note that all activities such as registering for all classes, fee payments, withdrawing from classes etc., will only be done through your selected home institution.

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